Pseudomyopia - symptoms

The chief symptom of pseudomyopia is blurred distance vision which is made worse after prolonged close work (reading, computer, smartphones) due to the cramp of ciliary (focusing muscle). Pseudomyopia can also produce asthenopia i.e. eyestrain, pain in and around the eyes, photophobia, double vision (diplopia) headaches, migraines and even many remote symptoms by interference of the balance in autonomous nervous system which controls accommodation (focusing power of the eye). Pain may radiate from the eyes over the top of the head to the upper neck (occipital) and down the neck to the shoulders.

If you have eyestrain, chronic headaches, migraines, occipital neuralgia, trigeminal neuralgia you should take care of this problem as it is scientifically documented that in many cases people were cured by solving the eye strain problem.